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The mission of Cats Love Housecalls is to make every veterinary visit for an owner and their special cat an extra-ordinary experience that involves kindness and knowledge. We provide common services but perform them uncommonly well by traveling to our patients, listening to our clients, completing thorough physical exams, and empowering owners through excellent communication to provide the best treatment for their cat from kittenhood through the golden years.
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If you are a busy professional and/or parent, have a multi-cat household, are a senior, or just have a kitty that does not like to visit the veterinarian, you are not alone. Cats are often stressed by being placed in a carrier, traveling in a car, and being exposed to the strange sights, sounds, and smells of a veterinary clinic. You may find it time consuming to make the trip and are personally concerned if your cat appears uncomfortable at the animal hospital. Having a veterinarian come to your house and examine your cat can make the visit a more pleasant experience for you and your kitty. You can both enjoy the comfort of your home; this allows the veterinarian to examine your cat in a stress-free environment and allows you to discuss cat health care topics in a relaxed setting. Dr. Burnside provides services within the Austin city limits.
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Variety of Services Provided

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We provide end of life assistance in the comfort of your home for the terminally ill, ailing cat. We know how challenging and difficult the decision can be, but allowing a dear friend a dignified goodbye can truly be a generous act of caring. We usually consult over the phone about your cats quality of life prior to making an appointment to make sure euthanasia is the kindest option. We strive to make the procedure as peaceful as possible and will explain all details prior and answer any questions you may have. We use and trust Paws In Heaven for cremation and can provide further details about cremation options if needed. We see appointments Monday through Thursday and may provide after hours appointments if needed Friday through Sunday for an additional fee. We can also provide pet parents with additional information, handouts, and websites on quality of life to aid in the process. Again, we understand this decision is made with a heavy heart, but ending or preventing a best friend's suffering can be a gift from a devoted caregiver to their dear kitty.

Veterinary cadecusDr. Cecilia Burnside, "Dr. B" to her patients, graduated Cum Laude from Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine in 2001. She practiced for two and a half years at a progressive, all-feline hospital in California. In 2004, Dr. B moved back to her home state of Texas and started Cats Love Housecalls in Austin. She focuses on completing thorough physical exams, communicating in-depth with clients, providing cats with the best quality of life, and being a patient advocate by always offering the client the ultimate treatment for their special kitty. She loves visiting kitties in their homes where they are usually calm and friendly, and she thoroughly enjoys educating clients about feline health care. Her own fur babies include 4 cats: "Tidbits" a brown tabby, "Coconutz" a white Persian, "Chopstix" a Siamese mix, and "Hopscotch" a 3 legged, orange tabby.

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paw Dr. Burnside has been caring for our cats for many years, and is like an extended family member - watching our kids grow up, sharing tips about vacations and restaurants, and swapping crazy cat stories. From first check-ups for feisty kittens, to the peaceful passing of a beloved elder cat, Dr. B has always delivered outstanding service with integrity and compassion. She is inquisitive about everything, from the cats' eating habits to how they play, in order to provide holistic care that addresses all aspects of our cats' health and happiness. She is patient, gentle, explains everything in relatable terms, keeps detailed records, provides great referrals, and remembers all the cats' quirks - how else would she have our cat growling and purring simultaneously, at every checkup! Charla is an outstanding technician, and she and Dr. B make a terrific team. Imagine if all doctors made house calls like Dr. B!

Becky A.

paw We're extremely fortunate to have found Cats Love Housecalls and value the relationship we have with them. We especially appreciate the attentive care Dr. B and Charla provide in addition to the convenience and reduced stress of in home visits. The peace of mind that accompanies this level of care is of tremendous value and has enhanced our lives and our cats' well-being beyond measure.

Ted and Mara,

persian kittensCat Adoptions

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If you are considering adopting a fun, feline friend, please take a look at the wonderful cats in need of loving homes at the Lifelong Friends Shelter in Lago Vista, TX. The staff there is very dedicated to finding the "purrfect" match for you and their kitties. They welcome any donations and have many options for people to help as volunteers. Thank you!

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